01. River Flows in You
02. Into Your World
03. In Love
04. Baby Don't Cry
05. Sorrow

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mini compilation of kai’s fanboard replies:

Kai: I’m here to look for everyone’s love~ I’m hungry ㅎ


Kai: who said that! Nonsense! My fans in my eyes are the prettiest.


Fan: ddokddokddok(sound of knocking door) is anyone here? Are exo members still here? Kai: who knocked my door?


a lil kaisoo:

Fan: Jongin ah~I love you… My angel

D.O : mine too

Fan: it’s cold outside today, please hold my hand tightly!

Kai: I will hold on to you tightly~

Fan: jongin-ah I love you!!! what do you think of noona fans?

Kai: noona, Dongsaeng, same age, I love them all~

Kai: chicken……. everyone, I should leave now. Though the time spent was short but it was interesting!

Kai: Thank you, everyone please don’t fall sick, eat more vitamins and because seasons are changing now please wear your masks. It’s still cold now, so remember to wear more.. I love you guys a lot too..

Fan: jongin oppa, did you see the cherry blossoms?

Kai: it must be really pretty,do you guys want to see it with me?Quick quick gather here! 

cr: @ontokki


Posted — 1 year ago on April 8, 2013
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